Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WIAW: One Year!

Today (the 29th) is my one-year blogiversary! I didn't get the time to write the post that I wanted to with all the fun happenin's in my life in the past year, but hopefully that will be up sometime soon (for now, you can check out my embarrassing first post... hahaha always a good laugh!) Also, stay tuned for a giveaway to celebrate my one year of blogging - I am so grateful for all the comments I receive and all of the amazing people I've 'met' along the way. You all mean the world to me! 

Anyway, let's get onto the eats, shall we? Thanks to Jenn for hosting, as always! 

breakfast #1: a spelt cracker with almond butter and apple butter
(recycled photo.. was too lazy to snap a photo at 5:30 this morning!)

workout: 6am BodyPump - for some reason I was really feelin' the burn today! the squats and lunges actually had my legs on fire for once, and of course the bicep track always murders me ;) 

my new favorite pair of shoes: i got some new nike frees over the long weekend and i am in LOVE! they are so much comfier than my old frees, look WAY cooler, and were 100% worth the $97 of my hard-earned money that i spent on them. 

breakfast #2: a grande blonde roast from starbucks and a cup of 2% greek yogurt with apple butter stirred in, topped with almond meal and sprinkles (of course!). the only way i managed to drag my booty outta bed this morning was that i told myself i could stop and get coffee on the way home - and it was delicious. so worth the 5:30am wakeup call! 

outfit: a new sundress from target! it's really comfy and flattering - such a good deal for $20!

lunch: a whole wheat sammie with turkey and laughing cow, pressed in my panini maker. sides were strawberries (so delicious right now!!) and some sour cream and onion popchips. 

exciting mail of the day: 

finally got my starbucks gold card in the mail! i should probably be embarrassed by how excited i was to finally get the card, but i just love coffee too much! 

snack: a crapton of watermelon, and two mini tortillas with almond butter and mini chocolate chips that i heated up in the microwave. aka heaven in my mouth- these were SO good! 

dinner: a big salad with mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, mushrooms, red onion, chickpeas, cheddar cheese, grilled chicken, croutons, and hummus

how it really looked before i ate it: (i feel like this is true with all of my meals... hahaha ugly but delicious!)

i'm off to scrounge up some dessert - probably a cookie or some ice cream! 

how was your wednesday? 
favorite pair of running/workout shoes?


  1. All your food looks so good! I wish I could get up at 5:30 to work out.

  2. Congrats on your one year anniversary!! Such a big accomplishment! I am so happy that I found your blog!

  3. awesome; one year of blogging! hope i make it that far(: I think it would be cool to be able to look back though and see my freshmen year of college so I hope I keep up with it.

  4. What a cute first post :) Happy blogiversary! Love that dress and the shoes!

  5. Panini maker?! I wish there was an emoticon to express my jealousy!! All of your eats look SO yummy (esp breakfast!!). And HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!! Woot woot! That is so awesome!

    PS- Target is awesome <3 love the outfit!

  6. I have been eating a ridiculous amount of watermelon and strawberries lately...they are just too good!

  7. salad looks awesome. Congrats on the 1 year!

  8. Happy one year anniversary - I'm a day late I know! Love the trainers!

  9. yup. first posts are kind of awkward.
    those shoes are kind of awesome. I love the colours.
    speaking of colours- those strawberries look 10x better than the ones in London. obviously we are failing in the fruit department.
    a gold card? Um. I need to go to starbucks more....I don't love coffee but once in awhile.
    we should have a WIAW edition where we show messy/real eats, not beautiful untouched ones.

  10. Happy blogaversary!! Also, I love that dress! Target is the greatest for buy cute clothes at great prices.

  11. I really need to get a panini maker- the bread looks so delicious!Happy anniversary! Looking forward to many more great posts!:)

  12. Happy Blogiversary! That's awesome! And I love that dress from Target. So cute! :)

  13. happy one year! that dress is so cute :) i wish that i could get up that early to workout, but my body is definitely more of a night exerciser :P

  14. I love ryka running shoes!They're made for women and the shape of our hips for a more relaxed run! Also, love the sprinkles!!!

  15. Congrats on the one year blogiversary! :)

  16. Happy one year of blogging!

    Your lunch looks so good - turkey and cheese paninis are the best! :)

  17. Happy one year of blogging!
    You always have me craving a panini :)

  18. congrats on the one year blog-versary :D
    Love that you add sprinkles to your yogurt - too cute.

  19. That PB & chocolate chip quesadilla/snack looks absolutely delicious. Does the chocolate melt? I mixed peanut butter with banana slices and heated that on wheat tortillas - such a good combo.