Sunday, May 6, 2012

weekend countdown {sixth edition.}

{previous countdowns can be found here}
5 favorite pins of the week 

4 current favorite songs

3 of the latest eats 

{vanilla chobani with almond meal stirred in and sprinkles on top!}

{turkey, havarti, & veggie sandwich with carrots and hummus}

{vanilla ice cream with almond butter, slivered almonds, and toffee pieces..YUM}

2 awesome track races this week!
i ran both the 1600 and 800 at our last dual meet this week and killed both of my races! i didn't run in the scoring heat for either, so i came in 1st in the 1600 and 2nd in the 800 (and in the 800, i passed a girl from our rival school at the last second that i'd been chasing for basically the entire race!). i qualified for the league championship trials next week, which will probably be my last track meet ever. WEIRD! i'm excited, though!!
1 thing i desperately need:
to decide on what hairstyle i'm going to go with for my senior ball! it's next weekend (i'm STOKED!) and i know that i want my hair down and curly, but even after spending lots of time on Pinterest trying to find a good photo for my hairstylist, i don't have anything yet. i want something along the lines of this..
so if you have any good curly hairstyle photos/pins/ideas, let me know!!\
have an amazing rest of the weekend, everyone!

what's your current favorite workout song?


  1. I love "Starships" too! Also lately I'm loving "Glad you Came" for workouts.

    That hairstyle is so pretty!

  2. Congrats on the races!! I'm sad that I can't race in high school anymore, but I'll be racing next year so it's not the end. I'm also desperately trying to figure out how to do my hair, but for prom. I think that would look really pretty on you!!

  3. I am loving all those songs right now too! They are all pretty much stuck in my head!

  4. sprinkles make everything better!

  5. bahahahaha sooooo true about brushing my hair!!!! I get an afro any time I attempt!