Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WIAW: Good Mood.

i'm joining the WIAW party again this week!! {well, more like a WIAM since these are all the eats and happenins from monday!} monday was an all around awesome day- one of those ones where everything seems to be going your way, ya know? :)

breakfast was some suzie's corn crisps with a big scoop of barney butter for spreading:


i wore the new shirt i bought over the weekend (at loehmann's, love that store! this shirt was only $17!) and it was perfect for the heat. light, comfy, and breathable- and i love the polka dots (they're kinda hard to see in these pictures)!

i brought my favorite salad from TJ's for lunch- it has chicken, slivered almonds, rice noodles, and an awesome sesame dressing! 

school was pretty fantastic because i literally did nothing in almost every single class. i've already taken my AP calc and AP econ finals (AP tests this week and next week! ah!) and the only other two classes i'm doing anything in are anatomy and english. 

track practice was HOT but nice and short since we're in taper mode for the meet on thursday. we just did a long warmup, and 1x300, 1x200, and 1x100 fast, cool down, and done! 

i got a 1/2 price (WOOP WOOP!) frappucino as a post-workout treat and it tasted so good! i got a light mocha coconut one and it was amazing! if you're a coconut fan, go get this. now. you'll thank me later :) 

since i wasn't working monday night i stopped at target and whole foods for some much needed groceries and a few other items on my way home. i also picked up these nail strips that i'm thinking i might use for my senior ball on saturday! 

aand, to top my already amazing day off, i came home to a package on the front door step. i ordered some new running headphones and these are awesome! they don't move at all, are sweat-resistant, and the sound quality is so much better than the apple headphones. i also got a book that i have to read for english (along with tuesdays with morrie) and i think it'll actually be interesting. 

my ijustgotapackage happy face! 

dinner was whole foods salad bar toppings that i picked up on my way home on a bed of mixed greens.

carrots, mushrooms, onions, chickpeas, kidney beans, cucumbers, chicken, feta, and hummus. 

dessert was a big bowl of (on sale!) stonyfield froyo. a great end to a fantastic day! 

what was the best part of your day today? 


  1. Whaaat? How have I never heard of that frap flavour before?! It sounds amazing!

    The best part of my day was going out for sushi. :D

  2. that starbucks frap flavor sounds SO good!

    and those nail stickers are so cute. i want!

  3. I love it so much when you have a much more relaxing day then you thought. Hope your exams go well! Lovely eats, xo.

  4. that scoop of barney butter is calling my name. why does it look so beautiful? (i think i'm weird. or hungry)

  5. The happiness project is SUCH a great book, love it! And love your excited package face haha
    By the way, I'm coming over to steal that stonyfield-- YUM! :)

  6. I love your shirt and I loveee that book!!!

  7. Ahhh, good luck on your exams! My best friend just took the AP calc today!
    I'm so jealous of your froyo, all I can find is the ice cream after dark chocolate here :c

  8. Those headphones look pretty nifty; I'm definitely needing some that are sweat resistant haha. How have you already taken the calc exam? The ap test was yesterday and yikes it was hard!

  9. Getting just salad toppings at Whole Foods is genius! Mmm and the Stonyfiel Froyo looks amazing!