Saturday, April 28, 2012

Foodie Penpals: April

It's time for the Foodie Penpals reveal again!

[For more information on what the program is and/or how to sign up, click HERE! A big thanks to Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean for organizing all of this every month :)]

This month Becky sent me a package full of yummy goodies!

First up: two bags of homemade cookies! I love getting home-baked goodies in the mail :) My favorite of the two was the nutella chocolate chip cookies {I ate all of them by myself..whoops!;)}, but the chocolate chip ones were also delicious!

I also received a Luna bar (love!),

some Justin's nut butter packets (long gone, of course!)

some raspberry fruit leathers,

homemade granola (perfect as a yogurt-topper!), 

and salt & peppa pistachios! these are definitely my new favorite kind of pistachios!

Thanks for an awesome package, Becky!!!

did you participate in foodie penpals this month? best item you received?


  1. Mmm, nutella cookies! Looks like you got an awesome package :)

  2. What an awesome package! I would dig into those cookies right away! :P Mhmm, that Luna bar flavor sounds awesome!

  3. we buy those pistachios! i love the s&p flavor!