Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WIAW: Senioritis.

hi guys! i hope you are all having a wonderful week!!

my senioritis is definitely kicking in right now - i am just SO tired of homework, essays, studying, and projects! i'm definitely ready to get outta here.. just gotta hold on for a little under 2 more months! it seems crazy that i'm graduating so soon, but at the same time i am really excited for the next part of my life. 

anyway, what better way to procrastinate my english essay than to write a WIAW post? so here we go with the latest eats! [sorry for the iPhone pics, by the way! it's been busy around here lately!]
[obsessed with the combo of fresh blackberries and vanilla greek yogurt. i've eaten this a million times the past few days!]
[quick packed lunch- blackberries+chobani, peanut butter balance bar]
[a new buy! it's definitely pretty crispy but i really like it sprinkled on yogurt.]
[mixed greens, carrots, onion, red bell pepper, turkey, avocado, sesame ginger dressing]
[drinking vitamin water like its my job..addicted!]
[toast with avocado and cheddar under the broiler for a minute]
[cinnamon banana bread. i finished off the whole loaf all by myself- in LOVE! definitely a must make!]
[semi-homemade pizza with WF crust. one slice of marinara, parmesan, and mushroom, and one slice of olive oil, grilled chicken, and asiago.]
[toasted almond butter+apple butter sammy with coffee]
[almond, cashew, cranberry trail mix bags]

and a few recent outfits!
[my tank says life is beautiful! :)]

i can't wait for friday.. who's with me??
best thing you ate this week? 


  1. oh myyyy so many good eats!
    my senioritis was bad around May of the year I graduated, haha :P!

  2. OMG I want some blackberries so bad! I haven't had any in a while! & I feel ya on the senioritis. I'm only a junior and I'm already feeling the senioritis. Although college does that to you haha. I remember in high school, I was SOOO unmotivated my senior year.

  3. I still have a semester of college left to go, but I'm already feeling a case of senioritis too! It's so hard to focus on studying lately. :P

  4. i just tried that kashi crisp cereal recently too! i like it much better than the crunch and indeed it makes a great yogurt addition!

  5. your outfits are adorable! I love love love vitamin water...that kind is my favorite!

  6. Happy WIAW! I hope you are having a wonderful week as well. :)

    All your eats look great! I love Kashi Go Lean Crisp! Especially on yogurt!

  7. This all looks awesome! Especially that pizza. Holy yum!

  8. all you foods look delicious! I'm loving the avocado sandwich :) Anything with avocado makes my heart swoon. Hope you have a great week!

  9. i'm so sick of school too--i can't wait until summer!

  10. I can't wait until school is over too! At least you're over soon though...2 more years for me {whomp}
    Just a tall are you? You got some legs, girl ;)

  11. I an def feel the senioritis too! I mean once im done with my ap tests I'm not even going to want to go to school,,.. Likin your green shorts (;

  12. Wow, I can't believe how long you have to go until you graduate I'm out of school in 2 weeks and graduate in 3 weeks. I definitely have senioritis too! Especially in the classes I don't even need credit to graduate with haha. I'm in love with blackberries!! I'm so jealous cause I can't find 'em in my grocery store anymore.

  13. omg! so many delicious foods! it's making me hungry. :)

    ugh. Senioritis. I have it too. lol. Which senior doesn't have it ? Right after the AP tests are over with, the rest of the year will be somewhat more relaxed. I can't wait til the summer!

    btw, I love your dress. You have the best clothes!

  14. Senioritis is killing meeeee. I wish I graduated in May but I still have a little less than two months!! So frustrating, but I know the time will fly!

  15. I had the WORST senioritis when I was in high school. It doesn't stop there, just wait till you're in college! :D

  16. Almond Butter+Apple Butter+Ezekial Bread+Toaster=Heaven:)