Tuesday, April 3, 2012

WIAW: Photo Explosion.

hey my friends! happy WIAW!!

i'm definitely going to participate in the challenge to add in some extra veggies this month! i've been slacking a little bit lately so this is just the kick in the pants i need! 

I've got lots of the latest eats to share with you guys today, so let's get to it! :)

{tortilla with barney butter & strawberries}
{toast with crunchy barney butter & vanilla CHO with almond meal mixed in}
{all natural chicken and prosciutto ravioli with marinara and parmesan}
{thin mint ice cream-yess please!}
{wasa flatbreads with barney butter x 1000}
{salad with romaine, carrots, mushrooms, deli turkey, shredded cheese, and sesame ginger dressing}
{fresh strawberries}
 {a wholewheat wrap with laughing cow, black beans, salsa, and two fried eggs}
{more vanilla chobani with rainbow sprinkles and granola.. i can't get enough of the stuff!}
{mom's pasta carbonara with red pepper sausage}
{pb2 and apple butter sammie}
{lime green monster - stay tuned for the recipe!}
{apple slices with pb2}
{TJ's shrimp fried rice with an added an egg and spinach}
{steelcut oats with banana, pb2, and apple butter}
{suzie's spelt crackers with peanut butter and cinnamon chips- BOMB combo!}

aaand a few cute kitty pictures before i go ;) 
{lexy in her playful mode!}
{my boy cinny being a cutie pie}
{what happens when you give a cat catnip... HAHAH! i love this so much!}
what was the best thing you ate this week?


  1. oh my. your cats are way too cute!

    all your eats look amazing! love all the pb ;)

  2. Goodness can I come over to eat your delicious snacks?? That homemade granola and all the nut butter action has me drooling! :D
    Love your adorable kitties too heehee

  3. I HAVE THOSE CHICKEN RAVIOLIS TOOO! so so so good. And I agree with Alexandra, can you be my designated snack maker? Seriously. Your snacks looks sooo good. And those strawberries look beyond delicious!

  4. Lime Green Monster sounds like a fantastic idea!!! Lots of nice pics, wish we could get barney butter in Ireland, you're making me jealous!

  5. It's crazy no matter how many times I eat nut butter, I can never get sick of it ;) Lovin the color of that smoothie!

  6. All of your food looks so good! I love how you put sprinkles in your yogurt.. they make everything so much more festive!

  7. Oh my god, so much amazingness! So many strawberries, I LOVE IT! And your cat are adorable

  8. LOVE the cat pictures!!!! And I am pretty happy that I'm not the only one that east nut butter in like every meal! haha

  9. yum yum, I love all the peanut butter and pb2 action going on! That is just like me! :)

  10. Wow. I pretty much love everything you ate today. The pasta cabonara looks amazing, as does the PB and apple sandwich. Wow.

  11. Yum! Such great eats girl. Those suzie spelt crackers look SO good! Gonna have to try that combo!
    Loving the cat pics! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one snapping pics of my cat doing funny or cute things :)

    And that applebutter pb2 sandwich? Awesome.

  13. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you like peanut butter....

    Awesome eats! I always eat plain millet with different purees I made, but your granola recipe will be something I try this weekend. Thanks for the recipe and great pics.

  14. I would like to eat all of your meals right now! They all look so good! Mhmm!

  15. There is so much yum-factor in this post that I can't believe it.

    Oh, and you made me miss my kitties sooooooo bad!

  16. love seeing your pb2 uses (since you are the 100% reason i have discovered the wonder that is pb2). yay! also i love wasa crackers especially with crunchy pb!