Thursday, April 12, 2012

Southern California Part 2

Check out my recap of the first part of my weekend down in SoCal here!!

After two days at Disneyland, we drove up to drop my brother back off at school (he had spring break a week earlier than me!) and then the next day my parents and I went to the Santa Monica Pier.

My mom and I started off the day with an awesome workout - she did the elliptical for a little bit while I did incline treadmill walking (which is NO joke! i was sweating like a beast!). Check out this beautiful little gym in our hotel! The doors opened to the outside which was so cool!
I also did a couple strength moves including crunches on a stability ball- man those are tough!
supah sweaty!
After about half an hour we went for a slow jog down to starbucks to grab some coffee.
My mom injured her ankle about a year ago and has been doing lots of spinning classes, elliptical, etc. in the past year. She used to run all the time [she's run FOUR marathons! I want to do that someday! :)] until she got injured on a run - and she never quite got back into running. So I went with her on a slow run to get her back into it- we only took a break once! She's amazing!:)

We got the blonde roast, almonds, and water to tide us over until we got back to the hotel.
At which point I chowed down on a clif zbar (best flavor ever! tastes like a cookie!) and some Chobani.

Then we cleaned ourselves up and headed out!
The Santa Monica Pier was gorgeous- I absolutely loved it.
We bought a GINORMOUS fresh fruit cup from one of the stands, and it was awesome because you got to tell the man exactly what you wanted and he chopped it up fresh right in front of you. The fruit was so good we almost went back and bought another cup!
we got pineapple, cantaloupe, mango, and oranges-yum!
Then my mom and I rode the ferris wheel which was tons of fun - I hadn't been on one in so long!
Check out this view from the top:
After walking around for a bit (and trying on goofy hats, of course!) we played a few rounds of skeeball. LOVE!
Then I got myself a touristy penny and we left to go get some lunch.
As soon as we drove by this cute little place I knew where I wanted to eat. I love build your own salad places!
 This one was amazing - I got a romaine/spinach mix with carrots, mushrooms, cucumbers, chickpeas, grilled chicken, and their signature "greens up!" dressing. The bowl was HUGE- I haven't met a salad I couldn't finish until I got a salad there.
After wandering in and out of a few shops I got a peach pink berry cone with cheesecake bites, almonds, and strawberries buried underneath. It was delicious!
Then we headed back to UCLA to go to the bookstore because I wanted to get a few more things- I only have one UCLA shirt!
I got another shirt, a tanktop, a lanyard, and a fun sticker for my car. YAY! I'm so excited for college:)
I got a WF panini for dinner- spinach, hummus, cheddar, and turkey. Hit. the. spot.
Then I crashed in bed! It was a great day. 
The next morning I got up and did this kick-butt workout that I came up with:

click HERE to pin it!
And had coffee and clif bar for breakfast:
Then we went to the airport to fly home! For airport snackin I got some more almonds and a light mocha frappucino.
It was a fantastic weekend!! It feels so great to be home right now though- I'm planning on getting lots of my homework done today (blecchh) so the rest of the week/weekend is lots of fun before I have to go back to school.

Have you ever been to the Santa Monica pier?
Favorite salad-toppers?


  1. I collect smashed pennies! They're fantastic! Also that gym looks incredible! I would be so motivated to work out there :)

  2. That gym looks like a great, small gym. I'd love to workout there. again, the food you eat is delicious (the fruit salad looks really good)!
    Santa Monica Pier looks gorgeous!

    I love your outfit. It's really cute. Where'd you get it?

  3. looks like you had such a great time! that fresh fruit - wow looks so good!

  4. I absolutely LOVE Santa Monica!!! I've only been once, but it was awesome :) So glad you had such a great trip, you're gonna have a blast at college out there!

  5. I've never been to Santa Monica, but it looks beautiful!! It's officially on my bucket list to go there. Pinkberry froyo is soo good, and I love that they put the toppings in the cone! That's so cool!

  6. I'm teeming with jealousy right now! Looks like you had an awesomely amazing time.

  7. I love topping my salads with Morningstar/Boca patties...soo good!