Sunday, April 22, 2012

[HOT] weekend.

hey guys! i hope you are all enjoying your Sundays! 
my weekend has been wonderful, but it is HOT here!! yesterday it was around 90, and jumping from 60 degrees to that is definitely a big change. summer, come faster!!
[warning...seriously random post ahead!;)]

summery outfits!
rockin the high bun (my hair is HEAVY!) and a random heart tattoo, haha!
 eating frozen berries like it's my job in an effort to cool down!
watching my kitties be total goofballs in the nice weather saturday afternoon..
 getting pedicures and ice cream with my momma!
eating dinner outside in the backyard
 WF salad (lettuce, carrots, cucs, mushrooms, onions, chicken, cheese) and lemonade!
going to tough BodyCombat and BodyPump classes Sunday morning!
 iced vanilla latte - weekend treat!
 and now, it's back to this:
AP tests and some of my finals are coming up FAST! studying my bootay off!!
and one more thing before i go..
toldya it was a random post!!
what was the best thing that you did this weekend?


  1. The outfits are cute! I use to have "heavy" hair like you until I gave it all to locks of love. I miss my ponytail.

    The best thing I've done this weekend was sign up to take a summer class. I have a lot of credits I need to earn.

  2. Both of your outfits are so cute! Patterned skirt + belt + tank top is one of my go-to summer outfits. :)

    Good luck with your studying girl! That's how I've been spending this past week too. Ugh, I'm so ready to be DONE!

  3. it has been SO hot here too! everybody is walking around like the world's about to end haha. but it's supposed to rain again on wednesday :(

  4. Love love love your outfits girl!!! So cute! Especially that skirt!!!

  5. Whole Foods salad bar... How I love thee..

  6. Looks like an awesome weekend! I love your tattoo :)

  7. Love the kitties :) And your outfits, too!!! So adorable! Our weather is nuts was about 80 yesterday but there is a chance of snow this week! GAH please no snow!!!!

  8. love the green toes! what could be better than a pedicure and ice
    cream with your mom?

  9. Wow looks like a great weekend! 90 degrees?! Holy smokes. That whole foods salad looks so good, I really need to get myself there for a meal ASAP. Have a great week :)

  10. Can I please have your clothes?! So cute. I'm loving the tattoo too!! The best thing I did over the weekend was go to the Flyers game. It was so exciting!

  11. I am SO ready for hot, hot, hot weather! Last week it was in the high 70s in my neck of the woods, but now it's back down at 50. Waaaah!
    Glad you had a great weekend, Julianna! I'm going to have to echo everyone else and say - your sense of style is amazing! Seriously, I wish I was more fashionable. I live in sweeats and nike tempos!

  12. I know! Last weekend was really hot in Cali. But right now, it's cold.
    I love your summer outfit. Cute skirt. :)

    If I remember correctly, i went shopping the past weekend and I went over to a friend's house.

    Also, the AP calculus test is hard. I took it last year. Good luck on your AP tests. :)

    btw, the salad looks delicious.