Sunday, October 16, 2011

fail pumpkin oats.

hey guys!!
it's been crazyy busy around here as usual... everything is getting a little insane to be honest! 
calculus is killing me. college essays are killing me. reading millions of chapters of gov is killing me. 

it's good i have blog reading and twitter to keep me sane ;) 

twitter is where we post stuff thats too annoying for fb.... hahaha
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I used to think twitter was stupid...before i even bothered to check it out! now i'm pretty sure it's one of my favorite things ever! :)

in other news, i made pumpkin oats this week. the verdict? yucckk!! i don't know if i'm doing it wrong but this was pretty darn gross and i ended up throwing it out. 

i tried topping it with some pb, brown sugar, and cream cheese to make them better, and it didn't work. all the blogs i read make pumpkin oats sound delicious and somehow i really didn't like these! shocker, i know. 

if you have any fantastic pumpkin oatmeal recipe/ preparation please lemme know!! 

i ended up eating some greek yogurt, berries, and panda puffs instead. can't go wrong there :)

although i'm hating this semester in school i'm loving the fall season! hello, candy corn sugar high. 

and before i go - i got 16th place out of all women in the race i ran last weekend!!! woop woop! my time wasn't that great for me but getting a shirt that says top 50 on it was pretty sawweet 

i think that's all for now bloggyboos! this week is homecoming week for my school and i'm pretty pumped. the football game is always the best, and my school does a parade too which is fun to watch. and i'm stoked for the dance, of course! i'm going with my friend and it's gonna be awesome. stay tuned for pics! :)

tell me your best pumpkin oats recipe!!!!!! 

have you ever gotten a shirt for winning a race?

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