Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Homecoming Recap!

hey guys!!

it took awhile for me to get some pics up from last weekend because I honestly haven't had an hour to sit down at the computer and write this post - this afternoon was the only chance I got because I went to xc practice this morning so that I wouldn't have to go this afternoon.

anyways!! last weekend was exhausting but a ton of fun - homecoming football game and dance! heres lotsa the pics :)

 green & goldd

 football game!!

 all prettied up before the dance! i had my hair cut a few hours before i had to get ready so i also had her flatiron it!

 me & my friend kevin

 i love this girl!! :) 

 all together

 friends since elementary school :)

just before we left for dinner! 

 the dance was a lot of fun - we went out to dinner before it and then afterwards we went to my friend's house to watch a buncha movies, then i slept at another friend's house! i didn't get to bed until 2am but it was all worth it (even with being sleep deprived this week!). it was my last homecoming and i think it was a pretty good one!

anyways - other life updates! well, first up, the computer broke this weekend..wahhh :( so now we've just got the laptop aka it's super hard for me to upload pics! i'll do my best until we get another computer to put some posts up but it def takes more time on the laptop.

cross country is going fairly well, i'm getting kind of sick of running though (the horror!)... i've basically been running every day since the end of july and i'm ready to be done. with all of the other stuff going on - college apps, hard classes, work - spending so much time on cross country is starting to get irritating. i love running but i haven't been able to lift in months! i can't wait to get back to bodypump.

food update! after trying a gluten-free diet for a few weeks, i haven't quite been keeping up with it. yes, it has made me feel better, but then again, i can't be 100% sure if my muscles just need a break and i need some more sleep or it's the food i'm eating. i'm pretty sure it's a combo of all three, but eating gluten free required a little bit more meal planning/prep and right now that's the last thing on my list.

 i absolutely hate putting my health on the back burner, but that's just the way it is right now. frustrating, yes, but my life is honestly the craziest it's ever been. i hardly have any time to spend with family, let alone friends!  i need to cut myself a break until cross country is over in 3-4 weeks and my college apps are in near the end of november. i am pushing myself really hard in all areas of my life right now and focusing on eating gluten-free is just one more thing to pay attention to/focus on-- i'm doing the best that i can.

with that said, despite my lack of time i hope to be back with a post this weekend!! have an amazing rest of the week guys :)

how do you make your health a priority when everything else in your life is hectic?

best fall recipe i need to try?? hopefully in a few weeks i can get back to baking!!

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