Monday, October 31, 2011

Thankful to Run

hey guys!! please check out my post on Food, Inc. if you get the chance! It's a topic that's important to me and I'd love to hear your opinions. 

Happy Halloween!!

Today I didn't have school so cross country practice was in the morning.

We did a tempo workout that included:

  • 1 mile warmup
  • 10 x 400 [continuous] at 1:40 pace 
  • one 400 fast [ended up being about the same pace as all the previous laps!]
  • 10 minute cooldown
  • 20 minute stretch
It was a tough workout but I felt awesome after! That is a good sign considering league championships are this Saturday. 

For our cooldown, we ran barefoot for ten minutes on the turf field. As I was running I realized how blessed I am to even be able to run. I know there are a lot of people out there that can't, and as much as I have complained about cross country this season, I really do love running. 

And although I have been upset at not being able to go to the gym and lift weights [no time], therefore losing a lot of the upper body muscle that I've built up, I definitely have noticed some differences in my legs. 

Worth the trade-off, haha! One of my favorite things about fitness is that if you put the work in, you will get results out. It's pure science, no ifs or buts! 

I've put a lot of hard work and time into running.. and this is my reward. 

It's funny how many thoughts run through my head while I'm running - but I love how calming it is and that I realize things like this. Instead of complaining about how exhausted practice leaves me or how little time I have, I should be appreciative of what my legs are doing for me. 

After this morning's workout they definitely deserved some TLC so the 20 minutes of stretching was pure heaven/hell <-- painful but worth it! I also rolled them out a little when I got home. 

And made a yummy breakfast! 

One of my chocolate protein smoothies and a bowl of Nature's path Optimum blueberry cinnamon oats with pb. I am in love with this oatmeal!! A review of some Nature's Path products I've tried is coming soon. 

 The river of peanut butter is revealed.... :)

Have a happy Halloween! 

What are your plans for tonight? I am going to a friend's house for a party but that's about all I know at this point! :)
Tell me something you've learned from fitness/running! 

ps I got my first college acceptance letter today!! It was from one of my 'safe schools' but I'm going to college!! woohoo!! :)


  1. Dang girl your legs are amazing! :) keep up the great work! And congrats on your first acceptance letter, you're gonna loveeeee college!
    And I gotta say, that peanut butta river made me drool a little haha

  2. This is a great post! Sometimes I forget that I should be thankful to run at all.. Thanks for reminding me! And congrats on your acceptance letter