Tuesday, October 4, 2011

GF Eats!

If you didn't catch my post yesterday - please go check it out! I'd love to hear what you guys have to say.

Anyway, I wanted to do a post on my most recent gluten-free eats. At first I thought it would be really challenging to find things to eat while not feeling like I was missing out on the good stuff. But it's really been fairly easy for me to make the transition.

The key is to focus on what you can eat, not what you can't! I just have adjusted and substituted GF foods for something that I would normally eat. I made a trip to Whole Foods over the weekend to get some gluten free foods and I was in heaven.

I do want to say that you don't need to go out and buy a bunch of gluten free 'substitute foods' because they can get pretty expensive if the foods aren't on sale. I went for almost a week without buying anything that I wouldn't usually buy and was fine! Here's a list of a some staples that I was eating last week:

  • veggies + fruits (I know, a no brainer. But I have been eating a lot more lately!), more specifically raspberries (high in fiber), strawbs, bananas, and broccoli

  • rice cakes + nut butter or cheese

  • rice stir frys with chicken and veggies
  • popchips <-freakin amazing!
  • veggie omelets
beans, mushrooms, cheese, turkey, rice, and salsa omelet
  • rice krispies with almond milk
  • corn chips + salsa and guac
  • hugh jass salads with veggies, chicken, beans
recycled but similar photo!
  • fruit + nut butter
  • greek yogurt + berries
  • almonds, cashews, pistachios
  • ice cream and froyo <- these are definitely staples in my diet. no question about it!
ice cream with GF cereal and chocolate chips

As you can see the list goes on and on! 

But, I was missing a few bread-like things so going to Whole Foods this weekend pretty much put me in foodie heaven.

Take one: tortillas. Those of you who come by often know that peanut butter smeared on tortillas is pretty much my favorite food ever. So finding gluten free tortillas was very high on my list! These were fairly chewy but I actually liked that about them and the taste was great.

Pasta. This pasta has two ingredients: corn flour and quinoa flour. I didn't even notice a taste difference between this and normal pasta!

with broccoli, a chicken burger, and cheddar

with marinara and chicken burger
Pizza. This pizza crust is amazeballs, to put it simply. I loved it fresh out of the oven and the next day the cold leftovers were just as delicious.

Bars. I wanted to have a few on hand because there are a lot of times I need a snack in a hurry. I like the regular NuGo bars so hopefully these will be just as delicious!

Crackers. These are amazing dipped in peanut butter or served with sharp cheddar. Perfectly crunchy and crispy.

And last but certainly not least, cereal! I absolutely love Panda Puffs and ate them even before I started avoiding gluten. Peanut butter lovers' heaven!

I also want to add that all of these 'special' gluten free things were not as expensive as it might seem. You just have to look for the good deals! Plus, my regular old whole wheat tortillas cost just as much as the rice ones, the cereal was only $2.50, rice cakes are cheap in general, and the bars were only a little higher priced than usual. I came out of Whole Foods only having spent $20 and that is a usual priced trip for there (we don't do our main grocery shopping there, just the specialties!)

One last bit of cuteness before I go... Lexy was sleeping on my lap while I was eating breakfast this morning :)

What products or foods have you been loving on lately?

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