Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WIAW #3 - A Walk in My Shoes

Hi guys!!

Peas and Crayons
Happy WIAW, thanks to Jenn!
I thought today I'd show you guys what a typical day [that I'm not working] in my senior year looks like - so here we go!

6:30am: Wake up, wash face, put in contacts and put on a fuzzy robe to wander downstairs.

Make breakfast! Today's was a yummy treat - oats with flax, peanut butter, and semisweet chocolate shavings

the puddle of peanut butter...
Plus some eggs n ketchup for protein

6:45-7:15: Read bloggies! I seriously think that reading blogs takes up the majority of my time on the computer. I love them more than I love Facebook (weird teenager much?? haha)!

7:15-7:30: Get dressed, put makeup on, brush teeth, pack clothes for cross country practice.

 Today's outfit was this dress from H&M and a belt I got a few years ago at a random vintage clothing store that I am absolutely in love with!

7:45: Pack lunch and make sure I have my school stuff, then drive to school.

12:30pm: Finally it's lunchtime :) I love lunch because I don't have a lot of classes with some of my close friends so I get to chat and hang out with them.

Today's lunch was a pb&j sammie on toasted Udi's GF bread, a crunchy green apple, and a string cheese.

3:30 Cross country practice - sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it. Usually M,W,F are longer run days and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are workout or race days. We have a few weeks until our league championships with no meets in between so that is pretty much our schedule for now.

5:30: I get home and run straight for the blender to make a smoothie. But seriously, no joke - that's the first thing I do when I walk through the door.

One of my chocolate protein smoothies with a crapton of spinach (hence the sludgy color- but hey, it still tasted delicious!)

And a rice cake with pb&j

While I'm eating usually I read blogs, go on twitter and facebook, and figure out what homework/studying I have to do.

I actually don't shower right when I get home for a good reason - I spend less time on the computer when I'm all sweaty! Basically if I go shower and then eat/go on the computer, I spend a lot more time on the computer and a lot less time studying. By not showering first, usually after awhile my stinky sweat gets to me (noshame!) and then I go shower. Once I'm out of the shower (and in my pjs... i heart comfy clothes!), homework it is.

pjs are the best. things. ever.
6:30-8pm: Work on homework, study, and jam out to iHeartRadio (<---you can listen to live stations and ones that you create, its seriously awesome!)

8pm: Dinnertime! I picked up this risotto last time I was in TJ's and finally got around to making it for dinner.

It was pretty decent but lacked a little flavor and adding a handful of shredded parmesan to the mix made it 50x better. I loaded up my plate with the risotto, grilled chicken, and steamed broccoli.

8:30-10pm: Work on more homework (or watch TV/read more bloggies) and eat dessert. I <3 frozen yogurt.

[recycled photo]
Then I crash in bed.. and do it all over again :)

I hope you all had a fantastic day!!

Do you hate sitting in sweaty clothes or are you fine with going for a period of time without showering? 
Do you sit down and read blogs all at once at one point in the day or do you spread it out and read them multiple times a day?

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