Sunday, December 4, 2011

Giveaway Winners!

These three won my Duncan Hines Giveaway (thanks to Foodbuzz!)
Congrats you guys! Email me your addresses and I will put your two coupons for free Duncan Hines products in the mail asap :)

In other news I've really been enjoying my return to the gym. After 18 weeks of running 6 days a week I got pretty burnt out - I have only run one short mile since the cross country season ended a little over a week ago.
I am really excited to be back lifting weights and incorporating more strength training into my routine since I haven't had time to hit the weights since last August.

can't wait to get these babies back! :D
November 27th - December 4th 2011
Sun Nov. 27:  BodyPump + 10 mins elliptical
Mon Nov. 28: spinning class
Tues Nov. 29: 20 min elliptical, 10 min stairclimber, 1 mi quick run (7:30 pace), 20 min weight machines
Wed Nov. 30: BodyCombat + CXWorx (both classes were 30 mins)
Thurs Dec. 1: BodyPump + 10 min elliptical
Fri Dec. 2: BodyCombat + 20 min elliptical
Sat Dec. 3: Day off
Sun Dec. 4: BodyPump, 40 min spin class, Zumba (<-- not the greatest workout but the most fun class ever!!!)

I am really proud of last week and how balanced everything was. I think that for my first week back at the gym, that 3 full-body strength classes, an ab class, two combat classes, and two spin classes is pretty freakin awesome! Not to mention the fact that I got up early 4 times to go to the gym.

5am wake-up calls on a school day are pretty rough but being on an endorphin high for most of the day is pretty great. There's something super satisfying about walking out of the gym being done with a workout when everyone else is still sleeping.

This weekend I had 3 shifts at work (aka a lot) but I also squeezed in a trip to the mall with my mom. I finally got my ears pierced after seventeen years of no piercings! I never was able to because of all the sports I used to play and the past few years I have been oogling lots of pretty earrings in stores. Getting them pierced did not hurt near as much as I expected and I love the earrings that I chose (which is good since they're going to be in there for 2 months!)

Questions of the day:
Early or late workout?
Favorite pair of earrings?

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