Friday, January 20, 2012

Out With the Old, In With the New.

hey guys! :)

i spent a lot of time today working on the ol' bloggie - do you like the new header? i am in love with it! it's 50x better than the old plain one.

the only bummer is that i was getting really frustrated with the commenting platform that i was using (disqus) because i wanted to stop using it, but in doing so, i wouldn't be able to save any of the comments that i'd received. i then tried to export the comments that i had, which finally worked, but i didn't realize that that would delete all the comments too. and since i'm using blogger i don't have any way to import them. RAR. sorry, just had to get that rant out there.

so now i don't have any comments on my 165 posts that i've written in the past year and it's making me quite upset. but at least now i'm not using disqus anymore, thank god.

anyway, onto a happier note! i finally got my own domain so now my website is instead of having the blogspot attached in there! yay. so much easier to type and remember.

i think that's all for now - hope you all are having wonderful weekends!

any tips on how to fix my commenting platform problem? 
if you have a blog, what's the worst tech-y thing that's happened to you while working on it?


  1. I love the new looks great!

    I know what you mean! The commenting platform on Blogger isnt the best and I hate how Disqus deletes all the old comments :/

    Yay for getting your own domain name! :)

    Hope your having a wonderful weekend as well! :) <3

  2. Love your new blog look girl! I've been thinking about going self-hosted but still not quite sure!

  3. I love how looks your new blog site! I have disqus commenting platform too. For sure it has lots of flaws but at all I like it!