Thursday, January 19, 2012

Strength Training Update. [BodyPump 2-month Results]

hey guys!! it's almost friday woop woop :) i only have one more final tomorrow (english) and then i'm done for this semester. needless to say i'm pumped! 

i've been meaning to get this post up for awhile but finally got around to it after seeing this post this morning on Brittany's blog - i'm submitting a real workout photo, so after my workout today i figured it would be a good time to take progress photos. 

my REAL schweaty workout photo!
the last time i took these, it was over the summer! from august to november, i was running cross country and barely had time to strength train. at the beginning of december i got back into it so it's been about two months now that i've been lifting regularly. 

XC state championships in November
although i planned to start NROLFW after christmas, i realized i had only about a month until track season started - which wasn't even enough time to finish the first stage. i decided to just stick with what i'd been doing - going to BodyPump three times a week - and give the NROLFW plan a decent shot after track season when i have all the time in the world. 

today's workout: BodyPump, 10 mins stairclimber, 15 mins elliptical
now, onto the progress photos! i wanted to compare the ones that i took after i had done 1 month of bodypump to these current ones, which are the results after two months of going to class 3x a week. 

previous photo (from july):
current photo: 

about every two weeks i increased my weight for different tracks, until i reached and surpassed the amount that i was lifting back in july. 

from back in july:

current photo:

last time i didn't take any photos of my back - but this time i did! i have noticed that my shoulders and upper back have become WAY more defined, too. 

i honestly can say that how much i've improved in this past year in strength training is one of the accomplishments that i'm most proud of from 2011.
how often do you strength train?
what is the fitness accomplisment that you are most proud of?

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