Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIAW #6: Finals Week.

heyy friends! i hope all of your weeks are going well!! this week is finals week for me so it's definitely been a long one - but after this week i will be a second semester senior! i'm so excited :)

anywayz i thought that since i actually remember to take pictures on my REAL camera, not my iPhone (#addicted) that it would be a good idea to join in on the partayy this week. thanks jenn!

this morning's breakfast was overnight oats - i finally got some more chia seeds after being out for awhile and couldn't resist making the cold oats even though it's freezing outside (it was 32 degrees this morning. i am such a california girl cause i can't imagine it being below zero!!).

i mixed these up in a bowl before i went to bed last night:
  • 1 container Peach 0% Chobani
  • 1/4 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 Tbsp chiaaa

and then this morning i added a bunch of fruit (strawbs, bluebs, and blackberries) and a sprinkle of wheat flakes.

i ate while doing some last minute studying and then headed off to school to take my AP Government and AP Calculus finals. talk about a headache! i've been studying all weekend and even crammed in a few hours in my busy day yesterday to study. my gov final was first and i think it went pretty well! 

midmorning snackage was a multigrain mini bagel spread with a laughing cow cheese wedge:

and then i went to take the hardest of all my finals. calc is definitely one of the hardest classes i've ever taken, period. but i studied my little booty off because my grade is currently only .7% above a B. talk about stressful! i think the test went really well, though - all those practice problems definitely helped a ton.

i came home and made lunch: a yummy Simple Berry Smoothie with some Popchips on the side. in hindsight i probably should've chosen a different side because the chips made me feel snacky and soon i was eating handfuls of peanuts and chocolate chips (either that or my brain was begging for some chocolate after the torture i just put it through..;)

after lunch i watched one of my favorite shows, Switched at Birth. man oh man is that show getting intense! but i love it especially since i've been watching since it first aired over the summer. 

then i went for run with my good friend Ryan- we ran a 10K and kept a decent pace at about 9:20min/mile. he also helped me figure out a lot of cool stuff about Nike+ and i ended up ordering this sportband so that i don't have to carry my phone all the time! :) thanks Ryan!

post-run snack was an unpictured apple and a small tortilla with peanut butter (plus an extra spoonful from the jar ;)

right now i'm studying for my anatomy final that's tomorrow and contemplating what to make for dinner! i think some veggies are a necessity since my day has been completely lacking in them. i'm thinking a salad beast is in order.

what is/was your least favorite subject to study? definitely any form of social studies for me!
current favorite TV show? gah i have so many! i barely had any shows i liked to watch just a  year ago but now my list has expanded to include: glee, modern family, switched at birth, jane by design, new girl, and cupcake wars. whew! that's a lot!! most of the time i never end up watching every single episode of them because i don't have time, though. 

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  1. Yum, thanks for including 0% Peach in your breakfast bowl! Sure is tasty, and the perfect fuel for your finals. Nice job on the 10K run...please feel free to email me at if ya ever need a fresh suppy of CHO to keep ya goin'! :)