Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reasons Why (BodyPump Results)

Today was an awesome day!

My reasons why:

reason #1: My friend Ryan came with me to BodyPump today. This morning's class was quite challenging and I added a little weight to a few tracks and it felt great (in a I'm going to die but still good kinda way J). It was Ryan's first time to BodyPump and I think he enjoyed it... mwahaha. It's a tough class! 

reason #2: Overnight oats. In a cool lookin' jar. In the car. 

All packed up and ready to go

Eating in the car! With wet gym hair :)

Today my family was planning on visiting my aunt but we didn't check too far in advance before we left and she wasn't around today L Since we were all packed up and showered (at the gym with no towels... talk about annoying!) we drove to meet up with a family friend in the same area. Unfortunately our plans with her were also spur of the moment and didn't end up working out, but we still had a really fun day.

reason #3: Fresh produce stands! We stopped at our favorite stand that we usually drop by when we visit my aunt and picked up some fresh fruit and pies. This place makes the best pies in the world. Hands down.

I enjoyed a pluot in the car that was fantastic. Perfectly juicy, crunchy, and tart.

reason #4: We stopped by my mom's childhood home and it was really fun to see. I have been there plenty of times because my grandparents lived there until they passed away, but seeing it and hearing the stories never gets old.

reason #5: Yummy packed lunches also eaten in the car - much preferable to fast food! The turkey/avocado/cucumber sandwich was definitely the highlight.

reason #6: Getting a new running tank and shorts at TJ Maxx that didn't break the bank. ($8 tank and $12 shorts!!)

and the best for last... reason #7: Taking photos of yourself for your blog and realizing that BodyPump has given you some beauteous results already!! I have been going for about a month now and I am definitely seeing some differences. I didn't take any "before" pictures, but I promise you I didn't look like this a month ago! I am so proud of my hard work.

left side (in a mirror):

right side (can you guess what hand I write with??):

bad lighting picture... but still pretty awesome!

I had too much fun and moved to another room so I could snap a picture with better lighting. I can't wait to compare these photos to new ones in another month!

please excuse the unshaved pits... hahahh

Right now it's smoking hot and I think a cold and refreshing dinner is in order. Maybe a smoothie perhaps?

name one reason why today was a good day!
have you seen the benefits/results of strength training?

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