Monday, June 27, 2011

Airport Breakfast

This morning I packed a yummy breakfast to take to the airport. We were up super early so I waited until we were seated at our gate to eat. It is so easy to eat healthy meals on the go - it just takes a little planning!

I packed some all-bran cereal and some honey bunches of oats along with some sliced strawberries.

Then when we went to Peet's Coffee to get some drinks, I just ordered a cup of nonfat milk to add to my cereal bowl.

This was such a delicious, easy, cheap, and healthy breakfast!

Since you can't take liquids through security I definitely recommend packing everything else and then buying your milk or yogurt once you get into your terminal.

I apologize for the small images but since we aren't bringing laptops I'm posting from my brother's iPad! Hopefully I will figure out how to make the images larger later on.

It's almost time to board!! Guess where we are headed?? MAUI!!! I'm so excited and can't wait to hit the beach and take millions of pictures!

See ya when we land!

What do you take to eat on trips? My mom and I pack lots of our own food because we'd rather be too prepared than be forced to eat food that we don't like.

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