Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Ever Yoga Class!

This morning I headed to the gym because I was planning on taking a BodyPump class. I got there about 50 minutes before the class so I popped onto the elliptical and pedaled along to some of my favorite music (a post is coming about that soon!) until people started lining up for the class.

This was my second BodyPump class (I took one earlier in the winter when I had a guest pass to the gym) and I loved it! It is such a killer class but I know if I keep it up I will definitely see some results. The chest track and the bicep track were definitely challenging. The music was great, though! And this instructor was really good - I liked that it was a woman because last time I took the class it was a man and I felt like he didn't give as much instruction.

As we were packing up the class, the instructor mentioned that there was a yoga class coming in after us... and spur of the moment I decided to stay and try the class! I have a free day today so I didn't have a conflict, and I was so glad I decided to stay.

I've never taken yoga before because I thought it would be boring and that I wouldn't be able to focus, but this hour-long class absolutely flew by! I also - dare I say it - thought that yoga was easy. Boy, was I wrong! It is so challenging! I am not very flexible nor do I have extremely good balance so I really was working hard.

 I also didn't bring my own mat since I wasn't planning on taking the class and the mat I borrowed from the gym kept moving all over the place. About halfway through the class I ditched the mat and just did all the poses directly on the floor. Next time I am definitely bringing my mat from home.

A lot of the poses were pretty difficult for me but the instructor was a huge help because she would say "if you can, do ...." so I didn't feel like I wasn't doing everything right when I couldn't do some of the poses everyone else was. She also gave us a lot of opportunities to stick to Child's Pose which I took advantage of - I needed all the rest I could get.

I think I will have a little more focus when my mat isn't scooting everywhere and when I know the poses better since I kept having to look around and see what everyone else was doing. But, the class was still relaxing and gave me a nice, good stretch. I loved it! I am planning on taking many more classes in the future.

By the time I got home I was a pretty hungry bear. I had a snack before the gym but I also stopped at the store on the way home so it was almost noon! I picked up the necessary ingredients for a Green Monster - bananas, milk, spinach - as well as some english muffins that were on sale.

This GM was, yet, another amazing one! I can't believe I hadn't tried a GM before this summer because I've been drinking one pretty much every day.

I also enjoyed a toasted english muffin spread with some creamy Laughing Cow cheese - this combo tastes like a bagel with cream cheese to me! 

Not a very pretty breakfast but it was delicious and hit the spot! I also slammed a few glasses of water (in addition to the gallons I drank at the gym, haha). I'm going to drink lots of water today and listen to my body because I spent more time at the gym than I'd planned this morning and really challenged my body. 

Do you take yoga classes? What was your first impression?

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