Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quick Eats

Just thought I'd post some pictures of my eats lately! I've been pretty busy since we're nearing the end of the year (only one week left! woot!) so I haven't had time to bake or cook recently. So most of my meals and snacks have been grab-and-go. I am dying to bake some new recipes I've seen on some blogs, though! Especially some cookie dough balls :) Maybe I will make those after I survive the SAT this Saturday.

Frozen toaster waffles with a berry sauce that included defrosted frozen berries and greek yogurt plus a drizzle of syrup:
 With a side of eggs (this picture reminds me of some sort of monster face...)

English muffin with turkey and greek yogurt ranch spread:

 The usual salad:

Whole wheat turkey wrap:

And mounds and mounds of cantaloupe! Multiply this bowl by about 6 :)

Hopefully I will have more time next week (we have half-days!) to spice up my eats and try some new recipes!

What are your go-to eats when you're in a hurry? 
Do you keep a list of recipes that you want to make when you have more time?

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