Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tortilla Pizzas and Swimsuit Shopping

 Yesterday I made a delicious Berry Green Monster for lunch - despite looking disgusting I cannot get over how good they taste! I am planning on making one in a few minutes for lunch today :)

Mine included the usual nonfat milk, spinach, frozen banana, fresh blueberries, fresh strawbs, and a little ground flaxseed. 

It looked like a Green Monster at first....

But then the berries got incorporated and it turned pinkish-brown!

Still absolutely delicious. 

For lunch I also made a new creation - tortilla pizzas! We were all out of english muffins so I decided that a tortilla would have to do. 

First broil the tortilla until it's stiff enough to hold some toppings

Then add your toppings - I went with the basic sauce and cheese - and broil until the cheese is nice and bubbly.

Then slice and devour! 

After lunch yesterday I went shopping for a swimsuit with my mom and found one that I absolutely loved! It took awhile since in general it's hard to find clothes that fit me properly - broad shoulders definitely can be a pain sometimes! I'm going swimming today with a friend and she's bringing her waterproof camera (ahh!!) so I will definitely post some pictures later.

When we came home from shopping we were famished so dinner was a quick one - steamed broccoli, leftover seasoned burgers, and some roasted potatoes. 

Drizzle with some ketchup...

We also watched the Glee Project which I loved!! And tonight I get to watch my DVR'd episode of Switched at Birth. I'm not so sure I love Switched at Birth yet but this is only the second episode so we will see! 

This morning I went for a run with my cross country team - 4 easy miles and we chatted it up the whole way, so I didn't even notice that my legs were a little sore from spinning yesterday! I popped over to the gym for twenty minutes of weights and some stretching afterward. 

Came home with a half an hour to change and get to a dentist cleaning, so breakfast was my go-to quick meal. 

Now I'm off to make a GM and hit the pool! 

Did you watch the Glee Project? What did you think?

Have you ever made any interesting tortilla combinations?

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