Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reasons Why I Love the Gym

I joined my gym just over a week ago and I am absolutely in love with it! Every day I actually look forward to going to the gym because I always come out feeling great.

My number one reason why I love the gym is variety. I am the type of person who can get bored very easily but there are just so many things to do at the gym that I know I will never get bored!

There are a lot of classes at my gym and I've already taken four different kinds and liked them all. I've taken spinning, BodyPump, yoga, and today, I took a kickboxing class! Knowing that I can go to a different class each day really gets me moving in the morning.

If I don't feel like taking a class, I have access to a lot of cardio and strength training machines, a pool and a basketball court. I honestly feel like I could do something different at the gym every single day.

Crazy as it sounds, I think I could spend all day at my gym just because I love being active! Everything is so interesting and I remember the first day I was there I stayed for over two hours just because I wanted to try so many different things. It also is so motivating to work out with so many people around you! Sometimes I even pick a person and see if I can stay on a machine longer than they do (what can I say? I'm a competitive girl!).

I am really excited to take more new classes, head back the ones I liked, and get my sweat on every day! I really think that if you exercise for you, not to get a certain number of minutes or calories burned, you will truly enjoy your workouts that much more.

After I took my kickboxing class this morning, I came home ready to eat my arm off (well.. not really. But you get the point!).

Before I worked out I had some Kashi Honey Sunshine - I added some milk and berries to the bowl after I snapped this pic

When I got home I immediately dug into some fresh juicy pineapple

And I ate a peanut butter tortilla as well - I'm kind of baffled by how I never get tired of eating that combo, but with other foods I definitely go through phases where I love them and then move onto something else. 

Only bummer was since I gobbled down the pineapple first, the peanut butter tasted a little funny. Note to self : Do NOT mix tropical fruits with peanut butter. 

Time to go wash my car - she's gettin pretty dirty!

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