Friday, June 3, 2011

New Nikes

I finally got the chance to stop by Forward Motion and pick up some new running shoes! I tried out quite a few pairs and eventually settled on the Nike Zoom Structure 14s! I used to think that Nike shoes would never work for me because every pair I tried on in the past just didn't fit right. My feet are definitely pretty wide and in my experience Nike shoes were on the narrower side - but these babies were perfect!

blindingly white :) 

test run! 

I went for a 3.0 mile run to break them in and it was fantastic! No muscle cramping or tiredness. There's nothing like running in a pair of new running shoes! I would've loved to go further but the saleslady recommended that I keep it short for the first run to give my feet some time to adjust. 

Now I'm off to get my bake on! Happy Friday!!

What kind of running shoes do you currently wear?

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