Saturday, June 18, 2011

Early Father's Day Dinner

This morning started with getting Alexa off of the roof - I didn't snap a picture but we had to get a ladder to get her down and everything! Our cats have a knack for getting on the roof because it's easy to get on, but it's hard to get off so they end up getting stuck and meowing like crazy!

While I helped get her down from the roof I had a pot on the stove with some oatmeal for breakfast. In the mix was old fashioned oats, ground flax, water, and a handful of fresh blueberries, which turned the oatmeal purple! I added a scoop of peanut butter at the end and the bowl ended up tasting like pb&j!

After breakfast I went to the gym and completed 20 minutes on the stairmaster before taking another kickboxing class. I loved the instructor in this class because he was really clear about all the moves and did everything with us the entire time so the moves were easy to follow. I really feel like I got a good workout, especially since I caught onto the moves a little quicker than my last class. After I hit the weights for about twenty minutes which felt great since I haven't done weights since my super hard BodyPump class on Wednesday. 

I came home ready for a big lunch, because, as usual, I was starving when I came home from the gym! I made a pasta bowl with leftover pasta, chickpeas, sauteed mushrooms and spinach, a mushroom and olive pasta sauce, and topped it off with some parmesan cheese. This bowl was fantastic! I really liked the addition of the chickpeas. 

excuse the messiness :) 

My mom and I went shopping for some cute summer tops and I ended up finding one at Old Navy and another at Target! I love the way they fit and can't wait to share pictures when I wear them soon :) I snacked on some almonds and part of a granola bar while we were out.

Then we came home and popped some fries in the oven because tonight was Father's Day dinner night! I am going to be gone tomorrow night (more on that later) so tonight we had Dad's favorite - steak and tater tots. I prefer french fries, though, so we baked both.

My plate included some barbecued steak, steamed broccoli, and fries. It was SO good! My dad is an awesome barbecue-r (is there a word for that??) and the steak was perfection.

I'm snacking on a peanut butter tortilla right now and am off to find a little something for dessert! We're also going to watch Step Up 3 - hopefully it will be pretty good. I love watching dance movies because I think it would be so fun to be a dancer. 

If you could be really good at any sport/activity, what would it be?
I definitely would want to be either a gymnast, a diver, or a dancer!

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