Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Gym Trip

I was really excited to go to the gym this afternoon!! It was my first trip by myself and I absolutely LOVED it! I wanted to do everything there was to do - I actually ended up staying for over an hour and a half because I was so excited :)

First, I started with my interval workout on the treadmill. This winter I made up an interval workout that I use every time I get on the treadmill (because let's face it, running over 2 miles at the same pace on a treadmill sucks). Basically I just increase the speed by 0.5 for every .1 or .15 of a mile, until I get up to speed 10.0, and then I do the same thing in reverse to slow back down. It really helps the time fly, and today I did 3.0 miles in 22:30!

After I ran, I went on the stairmaster, which I originally planned on only doing for 10 minutes. Somehow I convinced myself to stay on for 15, though, and I think my legs are definitely going to feel it tomorrow! After I went up 80 (virtual, haha) flights of stairs I went up and did some weight machines for about 15 minutes. I stuck to the ones that I'd done before with my mom since I was more comfortable doing that. Having been to the gym with my mom multiple times before as a guest really helped me today because I felt very comfortable and at ease, despite it being my first trip alone.

The whole time I was working out I was really looking forward to using the pool! I haven't been swimming since last summer and I absolutely love to swim. I was always the one begging my parents to go to the pool and dragging my brother there summer after summer :) I really enjoyed my swim today - I did 26 laps (well, 13 if you count back and forth. I'm not really sure how to count laps!) in about 20 minutes. I am so excited that I can swim every day if I want!
(sorry for the lack of pictures at the gym, I forgot my camera at home!)

When I came home I was starving! I had a snack before I went to the gym (and the doctor's office - I had to get two shots L) but I came home ready to chow down on anything in front of me.

First I grabbed a Powerade to rehydrate, along with a few glasses of water.

I also finished off the last couple of bites of a protein bar and then had a few handfuls of pretzels. 

At this point I realized that I was going to keep snacking my way through the afternoon if I didn't just make myself a large and filling snack so I made an english muffin pizza - exactly what I was craving! - with a side of grapes. 
sprinkles with a bit of parm

I was in an extremely good mood all afternoon thanks to the gym. I am so excited to get to go there every day! There are just so many things to do and a lot of classes I can take so I don't think I'm going to get bored very quickly. 

Off to have dinner - tonight's going to be a quick dinner of rotisserie chicken sandwiches since we are still doing a lot of prep work for Jay's graduation!

Do you have a childhood favorite food that you love to make? You guys have probably guessed my favorite - hello, english muffin pizzas! oh, and can't forget the animal crackers :) 

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