Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crazy Day

 Today was a crazy day! I started off the day with another Berry (Brown) Green Monster and some scrambled eggs on the side.

Then I took my english and precalc finals and after school went to wait in line to get a parking pass for next year! I am so excited to be a senior and finally get to drive myself and Sophie (my car!) to school, since all the past years Jay has been driving me.

I was starving when I came home around 1pm and threw together a quick lunch. I had some blueberries, a handful of almonds, and a english muffin pizza. It hit the spot!

My favorite kitty plate!

Almonds x3!
After shopping for a dress to wear to Jay's graduation for awhile, I came home and went for a run. I have finally broken out of my rut of running shorter runs! Once track season was over a few weeks ago I felt a little burnt out - I took about a week off and then whenever I ran it was only between 2-4 miles. Today I ran 5 miles! The weather was really nice but I could tell by the end that I am a little out of running shape because I was more tired than usual. I am also still debating on getting Nike+ to go with my new shoes... Has anyone ever used it before?

Now, for the exciting news of the day - I got a gym membership! I am so excited!! I have been to the gym with my mom before but never had a need to get an actual membership since I had soccer practice all the time. Now that I made the decision to not play soccer this final year, I wanted to be able to go to the gym this summer.

I am really excited to take spinning, BodyPump, kickboxing, and even yoga classes! I have never liked yoga much and only last about 10 minutes before getting bored so it will be interesting to see if taking an actual class will change that!

We got home from the gym pretty late so I just had an easy, unpictured dinner of two tortillas with peanut butter smeared in between and a side salad. I promise my eats will get a little more interesting soon! Once this really hectic week is over I think I'm going to spend a million hours in the kitchen :)

Do you have a gym membership? What are your favorite classes to take? 

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