Thursday, June 9, 2011

You Are Beautiful!

I was tagged by this wonderful lady to write this post! I absolutely love Operation Beautiful and believe it or not I actually started reading it even before I discovered healthy living blogs! I love what operation beautiful is about because everyone deserves to know that they are beautiful inside and out. It's really a great feeling to leave notes in the bathroom in school or random places because I know that it will make someone's day.

So here goes!

1) Smile! 

2) Write three things you like about your looks
  • My legs! I love how strong they are and how much they do for me every day.
  • I love my wavy hair (in the picture above it is straightened, which I don't do very often). It's getting really long now and I love it! 
  • My smile - No more braces! I had braces for a really long time and got them off almost 2 years ago. 
3) Write three things you appreciate about your personality

I love how bubbly I am. That is the word most people use to describe me because I'm very outgoing and talkative. 

I am very down to earth and I love that because it's me! My friends never get anything that is fake. 

I love how easy it is for me to laugh about almost anything - Laughing definitely brightens my days even when I'm having bad ones. 

4) Write about something that you find beautiful in other people. 

I love it when I see others helping out those in need. I also love to see people laugh!! And when random people smile at me when I'm on a run or a bike ride (I try to smile at anyone who passes me and it makes my day when they smile back!) 

5) Award this to as many people as you want! 

Today was my last day of school and a very hectic one at that. I have been running around all day and am pooped - it doesn't feel quite like summer yet but I'm sure that the feeling will sink in soon! 

Stay tuned for a post tomorrow - Jay is graduating and I made him his cake! I love it and I can't wait to show you guys the recipe. I also want to put lots of pictures up as well! 

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