Friday, June 17, 2011

Loosening Up

Today I had a lighter cardio day at the gym because I'm sore all over! The BodyPump, yoga, and kickboxing classes definitely kicked my butt this week. I'm sore in my legs from BodyPump, my abs from yoga, and arms from kickboxing!

To loosen all my muscles up, I completed 35 minutes on the elliptical, a slow two mile run, and twenty minutes in the pool to stretch my arms out. After showering at the gym I came home ready for some brunch/breakfast #2! This summer I've been eating  something small before I work out and then a larger meal when I get home (usually around 11 or 12). Today's pre-workout breakfast was two small bowls of cereal that went unpictured - somehow I have a knack for forgetting to snap photos right after I get up!

When I got home I made a delicious egg and veggie sausage sandwich on an english muffin. I had the rest of my "sausage" and eggs on the side along with some fresh blueberries!

This breakfast was super filling and packed 27g of protein - the sausage alone had 10g of protein. I used the MorningStar Farms kind, which I love because even when I microwave it the outside still gets nice and crispy. 

Off to make lunch and get my bake on!

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