Sunday, August 7, 2011

100th post!

Just thought I'd throw it out there that this is my 100th post! Woop woop! :)

Today has been so wonderfully relaxing. I got a few things done but for the most part I've just been laying around soaking up the sun.

Remember that picture board that I made forever ago? It's finally 100% finished and hanging in my room.

family + friends + kitties! all you need in life:)
 I also finally hung up another picture frame I've had for forever with a photo that I took of Ginnie Mae in it.

There used to be a bunch of old posters on the wall but I took them down a few days ago. The goal for the rest of the summer is to spruce up the wall and add more to it.

And just for kicks - this is a photo on my bulletin board on the other side of the room of my brother Jay and I when we were little. So cute!

This is the other side of my room - it's kind of like a cubby and it's my favorite place in the house. So colorful and me! 3 walls of my room are green and this is the one wall that is blue.

After workin' for a little bit I made lunch. Instead of more brancakes I decided on a leftover bbq "pizza" of sorts. Toasted english muffin, bbq sauce, leftover chicken, topped with mozza + parm. Mmm!!

I enjoyed lunch outside since for some reason it was freezing in the house. The pavement was nice and toasty and I had company... do you see what I see? 

I also had a delicious fresh salad with my pizzas. Romaine, carrots, mushrooms, onions, cheese, and my fav Newman's Own.

After lunch I just laid on the wonderful concrete and enjoyed the heat of the sun. It warmed me right up and it is such a beautiful day. 

I also lazed around and took some photos in the gorgeous sunlight.

Look how beautiful of a day it is!

ready to pounce!

Such a wonderful afternoon!

I also finished my new book, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. It was such an interesting read because every few chapters or so he changed viewpoints. It was also a little scary at times (I don't want to grow up and be afraid of my husband!!) but kept me hooked. I stayed up really late last night trying to finish it! 

I'm off to watch a movie with the family and then maybe take a walk in the sunshine. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, my friends! :)

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