Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bootylicious Award

The lovely Tara over at XC Foodie tagged me for the Bootylicious Award (which Carrie started!) - so here we go!


name 3 things that are lying next to you

Watching for Wonder's CD - check them out, they are awesome! + a spoon and an empty Sobe Lifewater bottle (this flavor was fantastic!)

name two foods you can't live without
Peanut butter & tortillas. They're two of my favorite foods and they go perfectly together. 

name two things you can't live without
God and running. I know that I couldn't survive without either! 

name two people you can't live without
Letss make that three: mommy, daddy, and my brother Jay. My family is really close and I know that I wouldn't be here today without their love and support. 

me + jay
mom, dad & me in nyc

name one thing you did today

Instead of just naming one thing I'm gonna follow Tara's lead and tell you guys what I did yesterday afternoon since I missed my evening post!

  • I had a failed attempt at making pb protein balls... hopefully that will turn into a success soon!

  • I went to get froyo with one of my friends to catch up since I haven't seen her for a lot of the summer. Plus I kinda have a love affair with froyo :)

  • I helped my mom out at her work for 3ish hours and made lotsa copies! 

  • My friend Ryan came by and we went and ran random errands with searching for a geocache every once in awhile. Then we went and got sushi - it was the first time I'd ever tried it! Ryan took me to this awesome place and I have to say that I've definitely been missing out on some good stuff. Afterward we went night swimming with a few other people and had a great time - plus we went to get shakes for dessert. Talk about a great night!
This summer has been the best summer of my life - just yesterday alone was freakin' amazing. I don't want it to end!!!

Instead of tagging seven people, I'm tagging all of you. If you haven't done the Bootylicious Award yet then go for it!! Or do it a second time, even bettah :)

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