Friday, August 12, 2011

So Addicting

That White Chocolate Wonderful pb? It is AMAZING!! I absolutely love it and have eaten so much of it already.. I think someone might need to take it away from me pretty soon.

This morning I had some of the WCWPB on a tortilla before I went to cross country practice. I wanted to eat even more of it but I knew I would get a cramp if I did so I managed to hold off until after practice.

Today we ran 7 miles - the beginning was really hilly but the second half was much flatter. The hills were super hard on my legs after yesterday's 10 miles + hill repeats, but I survived. My legs were reeeallly tired at the end though. I think they deserve a good rolling after all that hard work!

(Quick update on my August goals: I have run a total of 45 miles since last Saturday. I'm so proud of myself because that's pretty much double what I was running a few weeks ago!)

Breakfast was more of the addicting pb smeared on a tortilla plus greek yogurt and defrosted berries on the side.

This is the berry mix that I always use 'cause it's cheap and yummy.

We had next to zero fruits and veggies (tragedy!!) when lunchtime came around but I was really craving a salad. I managed to make one with the last head of lettuce, some leftover shredded zucchini, pico de gallo from last night's dinner, grilled chicken, parm, and some Newman's Own. It was pretty good for a clean out the refrigerator kinda deal!

This was all I had because I'd eaten a million WCW peanut butter fingers before lunch ;)

A trip to the store was in order for this afternoon to pick up some yummy produce. I made sure to get some fresh spinach so I could make my favorite snack.

Which was a greenish-brown chocolate protein smoothie (sludge anyone??). This is seriously the perfect snack for me since I like a lot of volume and protein in the afternoons. Plus it's nice and refreshing, and wayy cheaper than a Starbucks Frapp!

I'm not sure what the rest of the plans for tonight are.. hopefully something exciting! I want to pack as much fun as I can into these last few days of summer.

What is your favorite frozen fruit?

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