Monday, August 15, 2011

The (Not-So) Start of College Applications

This afternoon I went online to find some of the prompts that I'm going to have to answer in my college applications this upcoming fall. I'm not really sure what I want to write about because the questions are so broad that they're going to take a lot of work! I haven't really started yet, but we'll count printing stuff out and getting a binder together, right? That's pretty good for summer :)

While I was semi-working, I had lunch.

Romaine + carrots + cucs + mushrooms + Newman's Own

And a snack plate that included Whole Foods soy crisps, herb-roasted turkey breast, sharp cheddar, and a little salame.

Plus a nectarine to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Afternoon snack was cheddar Popchips. Mmmmm. I loved this flavor!

After running a few errands and taking care of some kittens that I'm petsitting (ohmygosh they are adorable!!) it was dinnertime.

I started with a salad, but I was really hungry for some reason so I pretty much ate like a wild animal and wolfed it down. No joke, I'm pro at eating fast. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing?

The rest of the family was having Mexican food for dinner but I just wasn't feeling it. I wanted something sweet so I went with a peanut butter-smeared tortilla (x2! I went back for seconds because I was so hungry.)

This combo never fails me. Ever.

I'm off to collapse on the couch to watch The Great Food Truck race with a bowl of ice cream in hand. I'm exhausted - night!

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