Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Week of Senior Year

This week has been insanely busy!! School and cross country practice have definitely been exhausting me. Making the transition back to school is always a bit of a shock - but tomorrow is Friday!

I wanted to share some of my eats + workouts with you guys lately since I haven't gotten much time to update.

Monday: 20 minutes stair climber, 2 mile run, 10 minutes elliptical (freshman orientation, so I couldn't go to xc practice)
Tuesday: 2 mile run + 4 x 1200 repeats
Wednesday: 6 mile run + 20 minutes weights
Thursday (today): 5 mile run + 6 hill repeat loops

My stomach still has not adjusted to running at 4 in the afternoon after school. I'm not used to eating two meals before running yet (breakfast & lunch). I have been cramping all over the place, and today was especially bad because when we were halfway back on our run I just got this huge stitch in my side. I need to try to figure out what foods work best for me at lunch, since I haven't had this problem before. I'm thinking maybe it was the yogurt I had - sometimes dairy doesn't sit too well with me.


super voluminous oats made with almond milk, topped with a spoonful of pb, strawbs, and a sprinkle of sugar

eggs + ketchup, tortilla + peanut butter, yellow nectarine

romaine, mushrooms, pintos, cheddar, newman's own

turkey, cuc, ranch on english muffin

plus yogurt & berries

hot dog + french fries... this actually didn't taste too good. my body doesn't like junk food very much!!

breakfast burrito with eggs, cheddar, pintos, salsa, and rice

a million chocolate protein smoothies! perfect post-run snack.

broccoli + cauliflower + a buttload of parm

mini margherita pizza

froyo + brownie crumble + waffle cone bits

My eats haven't been quite as good as I would like lately, especially for my running performance. I need to include more "real food", but it just takes so much longer to prepare! Since I haven't exactly had much time lately, microwave pizzas, peanut butter tortillas, and protein shakes have been quite prominent. I still need a little more time to transition back into school (which means having no time!) and planning my meals better so I can run/perform better. I always notice that I feel better when I'm eating really well. 

Do you notice a connection between running (or working out) and what you're eating?

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