Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer 2011 Recap

Hello my friends! :)

I can't believe that today is my last day of summer. Where did the days go??

Today has been a busy day - cross country, babysitting, car decorating with a friend (seniors woop woop!) and I was also supposed to have a job interview that got rescheduled for tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, since my eats have been the same-old I thought it would be fun to do a recap of everything fun that I did this summer. I think that it's been one of the best ones yet so I'm sad that I'm losing my free time but excited to be a senior!

This summer:

I went to my favorite camp that I go to every year and met some amazing people!

My family took a week-long vacation to Maui. It was one of the best vacations ever. Swimming, beach, and snorkeling every day!

 Here's the three posts that I wrote while I was there:

And the three recaps that I wrote at home:

I had the time of my life in Maui and I can't wait to go back. Hopefully that day isn't too far away!!

I also saw the last Harry Potter movie at midnight. I have grown up with this series and was sad to see it end, but the movie was everything I'd hoped for and more. 

My mom and I spent an afternoon with our family friends and I got to hang out with super cute kiddos. 

My family rented a convertible and spent a day in San Francisco driving around and having a blast. 

My mom and I had a really fun mother-daughter day. She is the best momma a girl could ever want. 

I went to my first restaurant as a blogger and ate some really good pizza! 

I went to Great America and spent a really fun day with my parents. I know that most teenagers hate hanging out with their parents, but I love it! We always have the best time together. 

I wrote a blog post that included my August goals and have already done everything on that list! I've increased my running mileage, I made some new recipes, I organized my room and finished my summer homework, and I just made the most of my summer! 

I also did three other blog-related things: I wrote a post on the ABC's of me, I wrote my first-ever guest post for Tara at XC Foodie on the importance of strength training, and I wrote a WIAW for the first time

strength training is important!!
And more recently I took a trip with my dad and brother to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and we had a blast. 

A few other things I've done this summer include being a leader at freshman orientation at my school, going to the pool lots, crazy fun night-hangouts with friends, and blogging lots! I'm sure I forgot a few things but I am amazed at how blessed I am that I got to have this much fun during the summer. And the coolest part is that I documented it here on the blog, so I get to go back and read it all later! 

Tell me the best thing that you did this summer! 

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