Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Crazy Shenanigans

Last night I had SO much fun hanging out with my friends. I've been going out a lot more lately and we've just been having fun doing crazy stuff - yesterday's shenanigans included ultimate frisbee, a failed attempt to go swimming, delicious froyo, and walking around in an empty Target giving each other piggy back rides.

yes, I am carrying around my almost-200lb friend. It was hard work!

This morning I went to cross country practice after fueling up with a tortilla with pb:

We ran 7 miles at a decently fast pace - I was proud of myself for keeping up. I was working pretty hard but I am always up for a challenge and running with these girls always pushes me. 

Since I missed my usual BodyPump class in favor of going running, I headed over to the gym to lift some weights on my own. I am noticing how much stronger and more toned I am getting from lifting and I love it! I can lift more weight now and I'm overall just feeling great. 

Today I completed 3 sets of 10 reps on 15 different machines, which took me just over half an hour to complete. Then I headed home for breakfast!

With lifting weights a lot more, I've been trying to make sure that I get enough protein to fuel the heavy lifting. Today's breakfast was packed with protein! (35g to be exact)

I melted some sharp cheddar on a whole wheat tortilla

and topped it with scrambled eggs + zucchini. All rolled up in a burrito!

On this side I had a bowl of greek yogurt with defrosted frozen berries. I love how many different ways you can flavor greek yogurt, but I'd have to say my favorite is with a frozen berry mix that I get from Costco.  

I <3 filling breakfasts. I know this is gonna hold me over for quite awhile!

What is your favorite source of protein? I'd have to say mine is either greek yogurt, eggs, or protein powder smoothies.

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