Thursday, August 4, 2011

Second Chance

Before we get to today, I wanna rewind to last night cause dinner was freakin' amazing!

The family was getting Baja Fresh for dinner and usually I just make my own thing since I'm not a fan of fatty 1,000 calorie+ burritos. My mom usually gets this awesome shrimp salad, though, so this time I ordered a side of shrimp.

It. was. todiefor.

The portion size was just right for a hungry girl and they packed so much flavor into these it's ridiculous. The nutrition stats aren't bad either - 150 kcal, 2g fat, a whopping 31g protein. The sodium was pretty high but I'm willing to forgive that fact since they were so good.

And the shrimpies were even better paired with the WF guacamole that I got yesterday - Mexican heaven in a salad.

I also piled some black beans, salsa, tomatoes, greek yogurt, and chip crumble on the salad. I promise they're in there!

Dessert was equally as fantastic as dinner: more Stonyfield chocolate froyo! It's super chocolatey and I couldn't get enough of it.

This morning I woke up and felt like I got run over by a truck (okay, so maybe not really, but pretty close!). I didn't realize just how hard BodyPump worked me yesterday until I got up this morning! We did a different release than the latest one yesterday in class and all the new moves had my muscles screaming.

Despite my sore muscles I still went to cross country practice because when I'm sore I feel much better if I'm moving than if I'm sitting down.

I started to regret that decision when I heard that we were doing tempo miles at practice... yikes. 5 miles at 7:05 pace is a wee bit lot more difficult when you're sore. Once I got going it wasn't as bad because my muscles were moving, but as soon as I parked my butt in the car they were killing me again! I don't think I'll be sitting down much today.

I drove over to the gym (yeah, I know. now you think i'm really crazy!) because I wanted to keep moving and a swim sounded really nice. Until I got to the pool and there was yet another aqua class taking up all the lanes.

Change of plans! I hopped on the elliptical for a little bit until I saw that there was a 10am TurboKick class. The last Thursday TurboKick I didn't like too much because I had a hard time following the instructor and there weren't that many people in the class.

I decided to give the teacher a second chance with plans to stay for half of the class. As soon as I walked in I was a happy camper. There were plenty of people in the class, which = good atmosphere, and the music was awesome. I had an easier time following the moves and it almost felt like a dance class! All the moves were choreographed and I was having a great time.

I ended up staying for almost the whole class because I was having so much fun. But came home starving! First foods I saw ended up in my mouth:

Greek yogurt with defrosted berries

And a tortilla smeared with pb!

Now if you'll excuse me my butt has a date with this wonderful guy:

Catchya later!

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