Monday, August 8, 2011

Doctor's Visit

This is going to be a speedy post because I have plans this afternoon to park myself on the couch and watch a new ABC Family movie.. yay for summer! I also have been looking forward to this since I had to get a shot today at the doctor, so watching TV is like my lollipop (why don't they give those out to older people who have to get shots too??)

Last night's dinner was simple and delish. I had an Amylu's all natural chicken, gouda, and onion burger served bunless (i <3 using lettuce as a bun!) with some homemade roasted & seasoned potato slices.

My family watched part of this movie called The Adjustment Bureau while eating dessert last night. It was actually pretty intense and I can't wait to finish it tonight. 

I was hungry when I woke up this morning so I made a larger snack before my workout - eggs + ketchup in a tortilla. 

Today's workout was a 6 mile run at xc practice + BodyPump. I was feeling a little sluggish but I think I'm just tired from staying up a little late last night. And the girls/coaches I was running with were going fast! It was a little tough to keep up but I know that I will continue to improve if I keep running with them. 

Brekkie was some more brancakes topped with berries, greek yogurt, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar + sprinkles. I wish that I could eat Sunday breakfasts during the week all the time! Maybe I'll drag myself out of bed early a few times this coming school year to make a nicer breakfast. 

At my appointment today, my doctor told me that physical therapy would be a good idea to pinpoint exactly why I'm  having hip problems and help fix those problems. I should be going pretty soon so I will keep you guys updated on that as well (and for the mystery about my height - I'm 5'6", just like I thought!)

My arm is already bothering me from the Gardasil shot I had to get which is a bummer. Last time my arm hurt for 3 days because of it! Thank goodness there's only one more to go.

Have any of you been to physical therapy? What was your experience like?

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