Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I. Love. Guacamole.

In addition to dancing around like crazy and listening to music with my new headphones, I did some baking this afternoon. I made cream cheese swirled brownies and they turned out really nicely!

I was baking them for some friends of the family to drop by today so I didn't want to mess around trying a from-scratch recipe - sometimes boxed mixes really are convenient. I followed this recipe exactly and the result was great!

Lunch was light since I had one too many licks of the leftover brownie batter!

I made a parfait with plain greek yogurt (with one layer blackberry-flavored yogurt), All-Bran cereal, and a fresh juicy nectarine. It was the perfect summer meal.

While I was eating I was snapping some photos of my girlies since there's not a day that goes by without me taking pictures of them!

My mom and I ran some errands this afternoon and one of our stops was Whole Foods. I cannot get enough of that place! I picked up this awesome guacamole that was the star of dinner. Their guac is the best - perfectly spicy and creamy.

I made a Mexican salad that included:

  • romaine lettuce (coated in greek yogurt and salsa)
  • zucchini shreds
  • black beans
  • crumbled turkey
  • guac
  • salsa
  • cheddar cheese
  • tortilla chip crumbles
halfway made:

All topped:

This salad was the best mexican salad I've ever made because of that guac! 

I also scored some of this at WF

Which will most definitely be for dessert later tonight!

Any good guacamole recipes that I can make at home?? The WF stuff is amazing but it's also pretty pricey - $4 for a small container.

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