Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clean It Up

This morning I kicked off my day with my Wednesday Bodypump and yoga classes - both teachers are phenomenal and always push me a lot. Today's 'Pump was especially hard (which in turn makes yoga hard cause my muscles are tired!) and I'm definitely going to be feeling it tomorrow. By the end of yoga all I wanted to do was collapse on my mat and sleep. But, I came home and made breakfast instead :)

Eggs with cheddar and zucchini on top of a Laughing Cow smeared doughy english muffin. Holy yum!!

In a more cheddar-y light, heh

After cleaning all the sweat off mah body I started in on my room! It was getting a bit ridiculous with all the clothes on the floor so I spent a good bit of time clearing it up.

Julianna Foster
blasting music makes cleaning so much more enjoyable!!
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I made some CDs for my car and played them while I was cleaning - highlights included some Jason Derulo and Gym Class Heroes.  

I wanted to roast some almonds for a snack, but ended up completely torching them and making the house smell like it was on fire. I immediately reached for a handful of some raw almonds and ran out the door to do my errands! Staying in the house when it smells like something is burning is awful.
I stopped at Starbucks while I was out and enjoyed an iced passion tea

 The main reason for my outing was to stop in a bookstore to pick up my anatomy workbook for the upcoming school year. But, they had just sold their last one, so now I have to make another trip down there another day :/
When I came home I enjoyed one of these babies. Clearly I can't even survive 12 hours without drinking one! I know they've become the main star on the blog lately, but while I was slurping mine up today I got thinking about the pressures of blogging.  

I think that food bloggers sometimes end up putting pressure on themselves to eat what they think that readers want to see, instead of listening to what they themselves want to eat. I'm sure you guys are tired of seeing me drink the same thing so often, but it's what I'm craving and I don't want to eat something else just because I feel like I 

Blogging is my creative outlet and I don't ever want it to become a burden or add more pressures to my already pressure-filled life. So, this translates to me eating what I want and my readers getting a smidge (okay, more than a little) tired of my shakes! But I'm enjoying every minute of both blogging and slurping so I don't have any problems blogging about my shake-drinking addiction ;) 

How do you keep your blog stress and pressure free? I think that the best way for me to do this is to remind myself that blogging is for ME! I love writing about the things I love, and if I lose a few readers just because I'm eating what I want, then so what?? 

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