Monday, July 18, 2011

Afternoon with Cutie Pies

After working on the blog for a few hours today I finished up and made myself a pretty stellar lunch.

Chicken, spinach, pesto, and cheese quesadilla crisped up in my panini maker with a side of salad

With a plum to satisfy my sweet tooth

After lunch my mom and I popped in the car for a visit to some family friends.

Meet Hank and Ellie! They are so adorable and I loved spending time with them today.

Look at those baby blues :) She is so precious!

After shopping at Target for a new fan for my room and enjoying a Peet's Freddo (definitely a treat but at least a little less expensive than Starbucks!) we made our way home for dinner.

Tonight my dad was working, and on those nights usually my mom, my brother Jay and I like to keep things simple for dinner. Plus, all of us Jay absolutely loves pizza so pizza it was! It was too late to make homemade pizza so we went with takeout.

I had a slice of mushroom x2. Perfectly doughy and cheesy! Enjoyed on paper plates watching some Seinfeld.  I love these kind of nights - they are definitely needed sometimes.

Now I'm waiting for the new Switched at Birth episode to come on and off to find some ice cream for dessert :)

What are your favorite baby names? I have absolutely no idea what I would name my future kids. My immediate family all have names that start with J, so if I marry someone with a J name I might have to keep the tradition and name my kids J names. For now my mom calls my future kid(s) Junior, which I think is hilarious!

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  1. Awww they are adorable!! I have no idea what my favorites kids names are.. I like too many! i always joke around with my mom and say that if my husband is a runner we're gonna have a son named "miles".