Monday, July 4, 2011

Sick in Maui :(

My cold has gotten worse since yesterday which is a bummer since we are on vacation in the beautiful Maui! I woke up in the middle of the night a lot yesterday and my mom and I even watched Cake Boss at 4am - I actually slept a lot better after watching for an hour and a half!

This morning I went snorkeling and swimming for a bit and we saw some gorgeous fish.

Random person in the background...

I ended up coming back a bit early because I wasn't feeling better.

I made a comfort food lunch - grilled cheese and broccoli - and then we headed out to do a little shopping.

Tomorrow we are planning on spending some more time shopping so maybe I will find a cute suit!

Right now I am parked on this luxurious bed with some lovely entertainment and goodies :)

Yay for $1 movie rentals! The rest of the family is planning on watching the Godfather while I enjoy this cheesy girly movie :)

Hopefully I will be feeling better for our last full day here tomorrow!!

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