Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Broken AC

Last night I didn't get hardly any sleep - I am a lot more trouble adjusting to California time than I thought! The fact that our AC broke and it's really hot here probably is not helping my sleeping. I was proud of myself this morning, though, because I still got up, had a snack, and went to BodyPump even though I just wanted to go back to sleep.

I am so glad that I went - I felt so good after the class and I really love weights. BodyPump definitely pushes me to do more reps with a little more weight than I would otherwise, so hopefully if I keep a regular schedule of going, I will see some results! I love going on Wednesdays because there is a yoga class right after BodyPump with an awesome teacher. It feels amazing to get a good stretch after working my muscles so hard.

I came home and made myself a cold smoothie in an attempt to beat the heat.

There is just something about slurping up a creamy cold smoothie on a hot day. This one included a million ingredients - frozen berries, frozen banana, frozen mango, Fage greek yogurt, milk, ice, 1/2 fresh peach, 1/2 fresh orange, and 2 handfuls of fresh spinach. Next time I think that I will scale it down to a fewer amount of flavors so I can taste them all!

I decided to run some errands to get out of the house and into some air conditioned buildings. Our AC is being fixed tomorrow (not sure how well that will bode for tonight's sleep......) so for today I'm trying to avoid the house as much as possible.

After a quick stop at the bank, I headed over to Marshalls in search of some new shorts. I originally was going to go to Old Navy (seeing Tina's post this morning about her shorts had me itching to go!) but Marshalls is a lot closer. I decided to stop in there and see if I found anything (usually it's a hit n miss type of deal) and if not, then head over to Old Navy.

I got lucky at Marshalls, though, so I didn't have to make the trek to Old Navy. I am so happy to have a few new pairs of shorts since I don't have many currently and it's been driving me crazy!

Here's the pair that I scored for only ten bucks!

 excuse the yucky mirror... in case you can't tell, these are an army green.

I also found a pair of Joe's Jeans shorts that were on sale for $39.99 (originally $78!). Normally I wouldn't spend so much on just one pair of shorts but these were one of the comfiest pairs I've ever tried on. They are a dark blue and are super stretchy - love. And they fit my legs nicely - didn't cut off my thighs!

I came home and made a lunch of english muffin pizzas (how often do I eat these??? I'm addicted!) and a fresh peach. It went unpictured, though - cause I broiled my pizzas and then just ate them off of the foil in the pan - weird, no? Trust me, that's not even the beginning!  I saved some dishes by doing so but it was not pretty enough for the blog! Plus, I've put so many engmuffpizzas on here that I think there's plenty'o photos.

I'm currently checking off things on my todo list - mostly organizational. I've become such a slob since school got out!  I've gotten lazy and my closet and desk definitely needed a major clean-out. Not to mention all the papers of mine floating around the house.

Stay tuned for Maui Recap #2!

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