Saturday, July 9, 2011

harry potter night

Tonight was awesome! A bunch of my friends came over and we ate pizza and watched the 1st and 7th Harry Potter movies. It was so cool to see how the actors have changed over the years.

Unfortunately I didn't snap any photos - I'm still getting in the swing of things with blogging and remembering to take pictures when I'm with a bunch of other people. So hopefully I will be having another get together soon so I can share pictures with you guys! But I can assure you that the pizza was delicious and that the desserts my friends brought were fantastic (there is a ginormous bag of Muddy Buddies sitting on my counter right now....)

The main reason I'm posting this is because I wanted to make sure I shared with you guys the new thing that I did today (although you already read about it this morning!). I tried overnight oats with chia seeds for the first time and it was amazing. Can't wait to make it again when I get more chia seeds.

So far in my new "things" challenge I've:
  • Tried almond milk
  • Tried chia seeds
  • Tried a white bean salad from WF
  • Gone geocaching in my area with my friend Ryan
  • Eaten overnight oats with chia seeds
Can't wait to update you guys with more new stuff each day! Catchya later - I better get to bed since I'm up early for xc practice again!

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