Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chicken Dancing

Yesterday's squats and lunges at BodyPump really did me in! I have sore legs today but it's a good feeling because I know it means improvement.

I had a pre-run snack of a tortilla with peanut butter and then stretched out my legs on a 6-miler at cross country practice. I went over to the gym afterward because I wanted to try a new class called BodyCombat.

Today's instructor was a sub so I'm not sure if the class today was like it is normally, but it wasn't half bad! I didn't work up too much of a sweat but the music was pretty good. It was even more fun when I started watching myself in the mirror and laughing at how ridiculous I looked. There was one move in particular that had the whole class looking like we were doing a chicken dance!

After my chicken dancin' I came home to a fresh juicy peach and a toasty egg sandwich.

It was a good one! Not sure what I'll be up to today but that's the fun of summer :) 

Have you ever tried BodyCombat or a martial arts class? What did you think?

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