Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sluggish Day

I don't know what it was about today, but for some reason in the afternoon I started to feel tired and got a headache. I just felt icky and sluggish and I'm not sure why, but I'm hoping that the feeling doesn't come back tomorrow! 

Before I started to feel tired this afternoon I had a repeat of last night's dinner - except this time I made my own "fries" by baking some potato wedges in the oven. 

I went in to help my mom at her office for a little bit this afternoon and tried to get out of my slump by blasting pandora and dancing around like a crazy woman. Luckily it's summer so no one was around to be freaked out by my dancing flailing. 

When I came home I made myself a snack plate with some roasted red pepper hummus that we picked up at the store. I've been craving hummus for a few days now (no idea why!) but this plate was de-licious. 

I ate it a little too close to dinner, though, so when I finished my breakfast-in-a-bowl I felt a little too full. Next time I'll either try to eat my snack earlier or make it a little smaller. 

I love breakfast for dinner nights because they're simple and delicious! 

I started off with a small salad (not so breakfasty...) 

I made a potato-pepper-onion-turkey sausage scramble that was really good. Needed a little extra spice though so next time I'm kicking up the heat! 

I topped my potato scramble with cooked mushrooms, eggs, and some cheddar. 

 all stirred up..

Time to watch Cupcake Wars with a bowl of sorbet!

What's your favorite breakfast food? Do you eat breakfast for dinner?

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