Monday, July 25, 2011

Day in Great America

Today was another awesome day in my family's four-day "daycation" weekend! This morning my dad, mom, and I drove over to California's Great America. My brother Jay is going on vacation with a friend of his so these last two "daycation" days are just me and my parents :)

It was strange at first since a few years ago we would never have gone to an amusement park without the whole family. But this year slowly Jay has become more and more social & been out of the house more which has taken a little to get used to. I'm definitely going to miss him when he's off to college next year! I guess I better get used to being a single child pretty soon here.

Despite Jay being gone, we had an awesome time at the park today! I didn't snap many photos because we were too busy going on all the rides and having fun. The lines were short today which was awesome for all the big thrill rides.

This was the TALLEST ride I've ever been on - the view at the top was really cool yet frightening at the same time.

I'm in the white on the left and my mom is next to me.

On the little kiddy driving ride!

Pro driver here :)

After hitting up a couple more crazy rides we went to an ice skating show which was superb. Ice skating is one of those sports that I absolutely love to watch. I would kill to be able to be an ice skater, dancer, gymnast, or diver. Those are my favorite sports to watch on TV!

After the show we had our packed lunches. My family has always packed our lunches on day trips and vacations, ever since I was little. When I was younger I remember being frustrated with it because I'd see everyone else walking around with chicken fingers and pizza. But now I love it and really appreciate eating my own healthy food and saving money at the same time.

My lunch included some unpictured cherries, a turkey and avocado sandwich (i've been loving this combo lately!), and part of a protein bar.

Other snackage throughout the day included a string cheese, beef jerky, and some candy for waiting in line. I'm like a little kid and need something to keep me occupied in the longer lines!

Dinner tonight was simple since we were all a bit tired when we got home. Dad barbecued chicken and I roasted some potatoes while my mom made the salad.

I'm off to make a protein shake for dessert cause I can't stop thinking about 'em! I think this is going to be featured on the blog quite frequently the next few days :)

Good night!

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