Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bulletin Board Exhaustion

This afternoon my brother Jay and I made some bulletin boards for my mom's school. She is the office manager at an elementary school and we volunteered to make some creative and colorful welcome-back signs for next school year.

Making these was a lot of hard work! I had a wave of tiredness hit me at about 4:30 today - but this has been happening more often recently. I think that having to get up early for cross country practice but not getting to bed early enough (because it's summer!!) is really contributing to this.

These are the boards we made! I'm quite happy with how they turned out.

My mom treated Jay and I to Peet's Coffee drinks after we finished as a thank-you. I love getting ice cold drinks from coffee shops during the summer!

Tonight's dinner was another random one. The rest of the family was having pizza again because it's something they can all agree on (and Jay is a pizza MONSTER!!) but I wasn't really feelin' it. I was craving potatoes but it's hot outside so I compromised.

I slurped up a leftover frozen smoothie that I reblended with a nectarine and vanilla almond milk - it was even better the second time around!

I thinly sliced some fingerling potatoes, sprayed them with cooking spray, seasoned them with a little italian mix, and popped them in the oven. I enjoyed my smoothie while they were baking and waited extra long to let them crisp up. 

The result was a chip-like plate of delicious potatoes. Served up with some ketchup (of course!) and some sauteed mushrooms. 

Random dinner combos always end up making me the happiest! I get a little of everything I'm craving and the rest of the family is happy as well (:

I'm off to find some ice cream to cool off - the ovens on made the house a little too toasty. Oops!

Frozen smoothies - yay or nay? 
What is your favorite food to eat for dinner?

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