Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Three Cartons + Double Mushrooms!

Today was my family's last day in our 4-day "daycation" weekend and it was a fun and relaxing one!

I have a few TV shows DVRd so I'm going to make this post quick and simple :)

This morning's pre-workout fuel was my usual tortilla with pb. I went to cross country practice and did another hard three-mile tempo. Hopefully these will get easier as the weeks go by! I also went to the gym to take a LesMills BodyFlow class. It was definitely hard on my hip joints (I have a few hip problems, more on that later!) but a good stretch.

Post-workout fuel was yet another one of my protein shakes (banana, spinach, cocoa, almond milk, protein powder, ice).  I've gone through 3 cartons of almond milk in less than a week!!!! This is insanity. I'm addicted. Good thing there's Costco - I got a big case of it there today :)

Then I went to see Harry Potter for the second time! It was even better because I caught a few lines I didn't hear the first time and wasn't trying not to fall asleep at midnight. 

Movie snackage included a big bag of popcorn and a diet soda (special treat!).

And after the movie I enjoyed a Peet's Freddo - cause we're pretending like it's vacation :)

At Target today I got a new iPod shuffle. I've been getting tired of taking my regular nano in and out of my car/gym bag and decided that the shuffle was a good investment for working out. It's nice and small and has a clip on it so I don't need a case! I forked over ~$54 of my own hard earned money for this baby and I'm hoping it's worth it!! 

I'll give you guys an update on that tomorrow after I work out.

The rest of my afternoon was spent uploading songs onto my new pink pod and munching on carrots and hummus.

Dinner was a quick and easy one with mushrooms galore. We had a Whole Foods pizza in the fridge that needed to be eaten. I added some thinly sliced mushrooms and voila - dinner is served!

Salad with more crumbly shrooms:

And the beautiful pizza:

My plate:

Dessert was another protein shake since I've been pretty hungry all day due to eating a bag of popcorn carbs for lunch.


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