Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trying New Things

I decided to postpone my second Maui recap when I got a good idea this afternoon. But don't worry, it's coming soon!

My Mom's idea was to try something new each day this summer. Whether it be a new class at the gym, a new food, going to a new place, or something as simple as doing a new form of push-up, I want to try something new each and every day! On my posts each day I'm going to post something at the bottom saying what new thing I tried that day.

Today I tried 3 new things!! My mom and I went to Whole Foods tonight (I can't get enough of that place!) and I even crossed something off of my Foodie Wish List.

First new item we bought: Chia seeds! I only got a few tablespoons worth in the bulk bins - I didn't know WF had them but I was so excited to see them. They only cost 24 cents, too!

Something that didn't make my wish list yesterday but definitely should've been in the post is almond milk. I've been dying to try it and today I got the chance - on sale at WF for $1.99!  I picked the chocolate kind because I was planning on making some form of chocolate shake/smoothie. 

And last up - something at the WF salad bar. I tried the Giant White Bean salad with my other salad toppings and I loved it. Something else I love about Whole Foods - bakery samples! I ate multiple samples of apple bread and lemon poppyseed cake so tonight's dinner was smaller because I wasn't too hungry - just my salad, which was dee-licious. 

in the box

in the bowl!
I tried my hand at making a Starbucks Frappucino at home (because in store, super Outrageous Price!) and the result wasn't too bad. A little liquidy and icy but still delicious. 

The main stars:

The result:

A big frothy bowl as big as my salad! This was enjoyed while watching Justin Bieber's documentary Never Say Never. I'm not a crazy fan at all and haven't heard even some of his songs but it was cool to see how he worked his way up to having a huge career. I definitely think that if I could have a talent, I would want to be able to sing and dance. There is just something about music that is so special :)

What talent would you wish for?

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